How long does the average residential solar installation process take in Connecticut?

Generally residential solar installations in Connecticut take four to five months to complete from contracting until you can turn on the system. Your solar project may take more or less time depending on a number of factors. The solar installation process includes the following steps:


Step Description Responsible Party
1 Collect required interconnection and Renewable
Energy Solutions application documentation
System installer, system owner and/or customer
2 Submit online interconnection and incentive
applications in Eversource portal
System installer
3 Pay application fee(s) System installer
4 Review and approve interconnection and incentive
5 Build solar project System installer
6 Complete local wiring inspection System installer and local wiring inspector
7 Pay for any required utility solar meter(s) System installer
8 Installation of utility solar meter(s) Eversource
9 Issue permission to operate (PTO) the solar project Eversource
10 Turn on solar project and begin operations System installer
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