Are there limits to how many panels I can put on my roof in CT?

The law creating the Residential Renewable Energy Solutions (RRES) program requires solar projects to be sized to a customer's historic electricity consumption. An RRES project must be sized so that system’s projected annual production is not more than a customer's highest annual consumption over any 12-month period within the past five years. Projects can be sized larger than this amount if the customer plans to install electric heat pumps and/or purchase electric vehicles in the future. The anticipated usage allowances for heat pumps and electric vehicles are predetermined and detailed in the Program Manual.

For new construction homes with no historical usage data, the system can be sized up to 9 kW AC, or sized to anticipated energy usage based on a qualified energy model.

Regardless of a customers historic or anticipated energy consumption, no RRES project can be larger than 25kW as measured at the project's inverter.

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