How much will Eversource pay for extra electricity from my solar panels under the Netting Incentive?

If your solar project is participating in the Residential Renewable Energy Solutions (RRES) program and you have selected the Netting Incentive, any net excess electricity you export to the grid by the end of your billing month will be converted to a dollar credit on your account. The dollar credit is calculated based on the current retail electricity rate (including standard offer supply prices) for your Eversource account. The rate Eversource credits your excess electricity production at will change regularly as electricity rates change. When electricity rates increase, the amount credited to you for excess solar generation also increases. Current and historical retail rates for typical residential customers are shown on our website, under Program Data. 


Under the Netting Incentive, you may also receive a cash payment based on the total production of your solar project (not just the net electricity you have exported to the grid) as measured at your system's Production Meter. The rates paid by Eversource for solar energy measured at the production meter are listed below. Once your project is approved for the RRES program, the rates paid by Eversource for the total production of your system will not change for 20-years. Please note, if you are not the owner of the solar project on your home, the owner may be receiving these cash payments instead of you.


Netting Incentive Solar Production Incentive Rates
  2024 Projects 2023 Projects
  Incentive Rate ($/kWh) 0.000 0.0318




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