How can I request a production meter for an online system that opted to temporarily operate without a production meter?

For projects that skipped the production meter and are now online, installers can request for the production meter to be installed directly in PowerClerk. This process is designed similarly to the initial meter requests and is detailed below. Note there is an additional step required once the production meter is installed, which is to provide any missing production data to Eversource via PowerClerk. This is required for payment of the quarterly REC incentive. The steps are as follows: 

  1. Under Available Forms, select to Begin the Request for Production Meter form: 
  2. Once the request is submitted, Eversource will create a new work order for the production meter and send the work order number to the installer via email.
  3. The installer will install the meter socket and the municipal inspection will occur. Once Eversource receives notice the municipal inspection is complete, we will install the production meter onsite. 
  4. Once the production meter is installed, the installer will receive an email confirming the installation and requesting any missing production data through the meter install date. Since Eversource has been collecting data biannually via email, the date range for required data will be included in the email. The link to provide that kWh in PowerClerk will also be in the email.
  5. The installer will enter the kWh production value in PowerClerk for the requested date range and Submit. 
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