Why did I receive an email about a production meter request? Is anything needed from the customer?

Automated email notifications are sent to customers and installers when the installer submits a request for Eversource to install a production meter for your solar PV system. No action is needed from the customer for the installation to take place. The production meter is a requirement of RRES participation. Neither operating without a production meter or having the production meter affects a customer's utility bill or on-bill credits.

For customers eligible for a quarterly REC incentive payment: While you are operating without a production meter, the incentive payments occur biannually instead of quarterly. Once the production meter is installed, payments switch to the normal quarterly cycle.

The option to apply to operate temporarily without a production meter was allowed from mid-2022 through the end of 2023 due to installer-reported supply chain constraints surrounding the meter sockets. Installers would select this option at the time of application. Systems installed with that option were granted Permission to Operate (PTO) and could be turned on before the production meter (and possibly production meter socket) were installed. For any systems operating without a production meter, installers are required to install the production meter socket and submit a production meter request by June 2024.

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