Why does Eversource's production data differ from my solar app?

The production numbers from a customer’s solar app or measuring equipment often differ slightly from Eversource's monthly production meter reads. This can be for a variety of reasons, including the time of day our meter is read versus the end-of-day read typically shown on a solar app. Eversource also bases any applicable REC incentive payment on the net excess production as recorded on the production meter. This means any small amount of electricity usage from the system ("parasitic load") is subtracted from the production value. For an average residential system, parasitic load is typically only a few kWh per month.

As dictated by the program tariff, Eversource will always use the production meter reads to calculate the REC incentive payments (if applicable), despite any discrepancy from the customer’s monitoring equipment.  

For instructions on how to view your REC incentive payment details, click here.

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